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Aevobas Espresso Coffee Maker

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The golden rule of espresso

A cup of 30 ml of coffee was extracted in 35 seconds at a temperature of 92 degrees. At this time, the taste of coffee is the best. Therefore, we recommend that you choose to mix coffee beans and grind them into fine coffee powder. If you use the double cup function, add 16 grams of coffee powder to the filter and 9 grams to the single cup function.

important hint:

  • We recommend that you do not extract coffee continuously. The coffee machine takes 5 to 8 minutes of cooling time after each coffee extraction. Otherwise the coffee is too cold, affecting the aroma and taste.
  • The steam connection should be cleaned after each foaming. Using steam, you can spray the remaining milk in the steam tube and then wipe the steam connection with a cloth. Otherwise, the steam connection will be blocked by the milk and the steam will not be released.
  • After making the coffee, you need to press the steam button to place the coffee machine in steam mode to ensure there is enough steam. And it is recommended that you do not extract coffee and milk foam at the same time, which may result in insufficient steam.
  • If you are using the product for the first time, please press the steam button and use a steam connection to spray a certain amount of water to make the machine work properly.



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