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Digital Hearing Amplifier

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  • 1.This item is not recommended for individuals with serious to severe hearing loss
  • 2.The product is not waterproof, Not for use in water, like shower
  • 3.Please increase the volume control gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound
  • 4.Please clean the products every day, avoid ear plug and sound collecting hole being blocked by foreign objects. It will affect the effect of sound amplifier.
  • 5.Please select suitable earplugs, put the earplugs into the ear canal snugly, If the earplug is not inserted well into ear canal and lead to air leakage,the hearing amplifier will produce annoying whistle from electric current

Why howling

If there is a gap between the earbuds and the earholes, the microphone and earbuds will interfere, and in this case a beeping sound will be heard. For example, if the microphone and speaker are too close on the KTV, the same beep sounds.


How to solve howling

  • 1. Check the size of the earplugs when wearing them (there are large, medium and small types of earplugs). Choose the earbuds that best fit your ear. Insert the earplug firmly into the ear hole to ensure there is no gap.
  • 2.  Before wearing, please turn off the power and reduce the volume.
  • 3. After wearing, turn on the power, gradually increase the volume from the minimum, and adjust until you can’t hear it. Make sure the volume is not too loud.


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