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KPCB Tech Nano mist sprayer

KPCB Tech Nano mist sprayer

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Product description

Product Benefits:
1.Comprehensive Moisturizing
Nano cool mist would penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin, make skin deep moisturizing. It can be used for care of face, body and hair to prevent hair from static, reduce wrinkles and relieve skin irritation.
2.Assist Makeup
Compared to ordinary water, the finest ionic mist would maximally moisturize your skin, make your foundation smoother, and refresh your make-up any time of the day or evening without destroying it.
3.Cooling Function
Spray with lower temperature would shrink the pore, which could be use after cleaning your face; and quickly rejuvenate your skin after sunburn, especial on the coast trip.

1.Keep your face 12cm away from the sprayer to avoid destroying make-up.
2.Please add mineral water only for prolong the service life of this sprayer.
3.Please discard the remaining water in the water tank for keeping clean.

1.Convenient USB charging;
2.Built-in battery for safe;
3.About 9mins lasting time of one water tank;
4.Shut off automatically per 45s;
5.Portable size for carry.

Charging Type: USB
Charging Duration: 2 hours
Power: 2W
Dimensions: 115 * 35 * 20 mm
Net Weight: 186 g
Water Tank Volume: 9 ml

Package Includes:
1* Handy Mist Sprayer
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1* Dropper


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