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Walgreens fast-heat heating pad model MHP813S

Walgreens fast-heat heating pad model MHP813S

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    • Weighted
    • Moist or dry
    • Plush fabric

For soothing pain relief.

  • Feel the heat in 30 seconds
  • Fully washable microplush fabric pad
  • Weighted edges to help stay in place
  • 2-hour auto-off

100% Satisfaction guaranteed with all Walgreens products or your money back.

If your heating pad has a removable/washable fabric cover:

1.  Lay the fabric cover on a flat surface with the printing side face down.

2.  Insert the pad into the cover fully.  Make sure the cord and switch stay on the outside of the cover.

3.  Wait for the pad to heat up.


To conserve energy and prevent skin burns caused by excessive use, an auto-off feature is included.  The unit will turn off automatically after two hours of continuous use.  The red auto-off light will blink when this feature is activated.


To use moist heat therapy with your heating pad, use a spray bottle with water to lightly mist the surface of the pad or pat with a wet sponge.  Do not soak pad.  If the heating pad has a removable cover, moisten only the cover.



If your heating pad comes with a removable outer cover, follow these washing instructions.

1. Disconnect pad from outlet.

2.  Remove cover from pad.

3.  Machine wash only the cover in cool water or gentle cycle setting or hand wash using mild detergent.

4.  Hang dry recommended.

5.  Do not wash the heating pad.  Wipe pad clean with damp cloth only as needed.  Do not dampen the cord or connector. Hang dry and ensure completely dry before next use.

If your heating pad has a controller that disconnects from the heating pad, follow these washing instructions.  Do not iron your heating pad.

1.  Disconnect pad from outlet.

2.  Detach pad connector from the control connector.

3.  Wash by hand or an automatic washer on gentle setting.

4.  Hang dry recommended.  Ensure completely dry before next us.

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